Shop the stunning crystal mala capsule collection by Deniz Reno x Beach Loot. These one of a kind neck pieces are designed by Deniz, every bead crafted from semi precious stone and/or minerals and the sacred rudraksha tree, handpicked with care and handmade into beautiful wearable art.

PHILOSOPHER Mala by Deniz Reno x Beach Loot


PHILOSOPHER Mala by Deniz Reno x Beach Loot


NEW COLLECTION • Limited Edition PHILOSOPHER MALA • Ocean Jasper & Rudraksha - 108 beads • Handmade • Promotes deep relaxation, encourages mindful expansion and unconditional love .


These mala beads were designed by Deniz Reno, each strand meticulously handpicked and handcrafted in collaboration with two talented female Balinese artisans.


The Buddha Malas are made using authentic ocean jasper and Balinese rudraksha seeds.


This is a limited edition 5 piece capsule collection. 

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I've spent a few months thinking about what I could offer my fans and friends that would resonate with the essence of who I am and would be an inspirational token for its owner. I wanted to create a conscious product that was eco friendly and gave back to the community from which it came from.

Finally I am able to offer something I consider an exclusive conscious product and a piece of art, that  have put my heart and soul into and that means a lot to me. In April 2017 after I finished my 200hr yoga teacher training I decided to gift myself my first pair of yogi malas. I found a talented local artisan in the community I live in part time on the island of Bali who makes them and spent a couple of hours in the shop sketching and picking out beads for mine as I wanted them to be unique. A week later my malas were ready and I was so taken by how beautiful they were and how amazing they felt on me and in my hands that I decided to share my design, love for yoga and Bali with you guys by creating a 30 piece capsule collection with 20 pieces identical to the first malas I designed, and 10 pieces using the same design but a set of different stones. My first capsule line was a success and in the summer of 2018 I’ve designed a new collection, which you can now view and purchase in the shop.

This is a conscious product. These malas a part of a limited edition capsule collection designed and co-crafted with two female local artisans from Bali, Indonesia. I drew the designs and picked out the beads for each one of these malas and they were assembled by myself and my two artisan friends Ayu and Kadek . 

10% from the sale of the AmPower and Inspire Malas goes into the #YouLive2Inspire Fund to benefit various community projects in Bali.

- Deniz Reno

These are premium quality, handmade, double knotted authentic yogi malas.

FREE SHIPPING within Canada and the United States

A limited collection of AmPower Malas are exclusively available at Zizwear Shop in Ubud, Bali

10% from each sale of the AmPower and Inspire Malas benefit Community Involvement programs on the island of Bali.

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