The idea for the You Live 2 Inspire Movement came to me after I had been asking myself the same question time and time again. Why am I here and what is my purpose? The answer may have been obvious, I had been involved in music and visual arts for most of my life and yet I was always looking for something with deeper meaning. I had been living in Bali for a few months practicing meditation and yoga when the answer finally popped into my head seemingly out of nowhere. It came in the form of a phrase “You Live To Inspire”. A little phrase with big meaning, as in that moment I realised that my life’s purpose is not conclusive in just furthering my own development, but moreso in encouraging the people around me to reconnect with their authentic selves and fearlessly pursue their passions, using the way I choose to lead my life as an example. 

Through a series of personally transformative life experiences I've come to believe that whatever it is that you choose to devote your life to, your calling is to live your life in authenticity and alignment with your highest self (with love and integrity towards yourself and others), in a way that inspires others to also strive for and reach their highest potential. A life well lived is one where we encourage and inspire one another to live consciously in service of not only ourselves, but of others, facilitating positive change all around us.

#YouLive2Inspire was born as an embodiment of these concepts. It's a movement and an international community of like minded individuals who believe in expanding their own horizons and while doing so, giving back to the community around them whether it be through volunteer work or transformative workshops, keeping us all connected.

- Deniz Reno

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Ringing in 2018

To my global community,

I wanted to take a moment this January 1st, 2018 to say hello to all my fans and friends all over the world and thank you for supporting me throughout the trials and tribulations of not only the past year, but to extend a thank you for being with me since the very foundations of my creative journey. Without you my path would not have been as much fun and not nearly as gratifying. I love receiving your messages, photos and videos from all over the world , which remind me why I have chosen a creative vocation in my life, so that besides enriching my own life, it may spread joy, touch and benefit others. 

Today more than ever I am driven to inspire myself and you to take chances in life and give yourself the freedom of believing in yourself and anything that you desire to do in life and to do with life. I am a firm believer that we humans are multifaceted beings who are capable of and reserve the right to be and aspire to be anything we want (providing we do so with the best of intentions). I believe that life is a kaleidoscope of experiences and potential and in the past few years I myself have made a goal of going out and trying myself at pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted to be or do, pushing and breaking my limits. The results have been nothing short of life changing. So for the new year I wish to spread the message of being fearless and fierce in everything that you do and wish myself to adhere to this intent now more than ever.

One of my goals this year is grow this site to be a larger hub for not only supporters of my creative pursuits but also for like minded individuals who have enjoyed reading and forming discussions on subjects I am also passionate about like: human rights, globetrotting and spiritual pursuits (meditation, yoga, etc). On that note, I will be leading an active blog within this space, offering anything on these subjects I may find worth sharing and I wholeheartedly welcome your participation. 

We are all united in that we all only have one life to live so let's make it kind and make it count.